High Tunnel

It’s been said that you learn something new everyday….if you pay attention. Well, I just learned about a high tunnel. It is an unheated greenhouse that helps commercial farmers extend the growing season. It can also be referred to as a hoop house. I recently spent a week vacationing on an organic farm in the middle of Shawnee Wine Trail in Southern Illinois. La Colina Linda, LCL Farm B&B has a moveable high tunnel used to help grow their organic crops which they sell at local farmers market in Carbondale.  The high tunnel moves on rails to different locations depending on crop and time of year. I’ve seen these before but never really paid them much attention. Our mornings and evenings were spent out on the deck overlooking the gardens. So I spent a lot of time looking at the high tunnel while savoring the local coffee. On the first morning I photographed it with my Uncle Paul’s old Polaroid Automatic 100 .

high tunnel #polaroid

And, on the sixth evening of our stay it finally occurred to me to play around with some light painting on the high tunnel. After the sun had set I put my Nikon D7000 on a tripod, set it for long exposure (bulb) and used a flashlight to illuminate the high tunnel and the scene around it. I love that this photograph looks as though it were a painting. I’ve done a few portraits using light painting and a few still lifes which I thought were bombs. But this is something altogether different. Grander in scale, no doubt, but what really had me was my total involvement in the scene. I covered the entire scene with a flash light in my hand as I moved through  the foreground, background and inside the high tunnel itself, all with out  being recorded myself.  This is the thing about photography for me. It’s about recording moments of my life to an image…..and I’m in it..….but I’m not.

high tunnel #long exposure with #lightpainting


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