Every once in a while life offers you some of those “stop and smell the roses” kind of moments, and you just have to roll with it. After a 20 year run in the digital revolution I have only recently come back to shooting film. Why? Well, because it just feels right. Film is finally experiencing somewhat of a revival and the cost of shooting film has skyrocketed in comparison to the old days. The old rule of supply and demand, you see, is driving the cost “up”. That being said, I find that I now take 36 photographs where I would normally take two to three times that using a digital camera. So I’m being more selective and taking more time to compose and work out exposure, cause that film costs $$. And to quote my mother Mary “too bad we weren’t born rich instead of good looking”.  Also, I am enjoying the fact that there is no LCD screen on the camera back  with which to view the image after I take it. So I’m not driven to keep trying to “get it right”.  It occurred to me the other day, while hiking in the woods, that I am getting my lessons in letting go and moving on.

Someone recently compared this work from an October “film only” trip to Michigan to the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s. Well, I see some resemblance, and I am humbled by the comment. But, I would have a long way to go to be considered in his class.

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