Solo Flight – Day 30

I just completed day 30 of my solo flight at work today. Yesterday was the worst of 30 and, sorry to say, instead of going to the gym after work as I did today I went home and cooled my jets with a couple of glasses of red wine. They were delicious and did the trick but the workout today was much more restorative and motivating. When I finally made my way  home today I took the dog for a walk with camera in tow  and got some really cool color in motion shots that I have been planning since the recent snowfalls and this really cool serendipitous image of Canadian geese on the move. Nothing is more healing to me than using my camera to turn negative emotions into positive output.  The good news is I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My boss has an appointment to see the doctor on March 12th and is leaning toward returning to work soon. Let’s hope his new shoulder joint feels the same.

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