the afterlife

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Wikpedia –  “the afterlife (also referred to as life after death or the Hereafter) is the concept of a realm, or the realm itself (whether physical or transcendental), in which an essential part of an individual’s identity or consciousness continues to exist after the death of the body in the individual’s lifetime”

I recently sent 11 rolls of used film off to the lab to get developed. Most of which have been sitting around so long I had no idea what was on them. When the scans came back I had a moment in which I felt in my heart my nephew Jake, in the afterlife. Jake died tragically in an auto accident in 2012.  When I took this photo about six years ago the text “NO JAKE” caught my eye and it made me think “NO JAKE” ….like don’t do it Jake. I  had no idea when I photographed this that years later it would come to mean “NO JAKE”… in Jake would soon no longer be with us.  And the heart under the text was a bonus that I did not see till now. Jake is gone now but he will never be forgotten and will always exist in my heart. RIP Jake Stevens…..I think of you so often…and miss you so much. I’ll take this as a sign that you are well and happy in your new life. xo AL

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