The Old Polaroid Automatic 100



So, I recently resurrected my Uncle Paul’s old Polaroid Automatic 100 which he gave to me back in the 1990’s. Polaroid stopped making film in 2009 but Fuji still makes peel apart film needed for this model.  I picked up a very odd sized 4.5v battery for $12.95. ANd we’re back in business.

Back in the day when Uncle Paul would take a photograph with this very “Mad Men” style camera us kids  just couldn’t stand the anticipation of waiting to peel apart the negative from the photo so we could see the magic of Polaroid. Looking back it was much like the instant gratification of the current digital process which everyone has access to now. Just take a photograph with your camera phone and watch the little ones want to see it….NOW!

Here’s a first one out, my little angel Emme, aka “Miss Bossy Pants” and her favorite snack…..apples.

Looking forward to burning a few packs on an upcoming trip to Southern Illinois Shawnee National Forest.


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