The One-Two Punch

one-two punch. noun. A combination of two blows delivered in rapid succession in boxing, especially a left lead followed by a right cross.

You may have caught my earlier post about the loss of our Basset Hound Emme. But, most of you I’m sure haven’t heard that three weeks later, to the day, we also lost our “little girl” Aussie Lee. Aussie was our 10 year old black and white cat. Turns out she had cancer in the jaw.  She and Emme were the two of our four pets that I was most closely connected with. The pain associated with these two losses and an accumulation of other life circumstances has left me feeling the need to pull back.  Some of you who follow me on social media may or may not have noticed that I have fallen somewhat quiet as of late. At first I found a need to remove myself from the daily attachment to creating and looking at content on several platforms.  Since reducing my exposure to social media I have now found a sense of peace and quiet that I have not felt for a long time.  I have also gone a bit old school lately and have been playing with some old film cameras. I find that I am enjoying the “wait and see aspect” of this process. It has me being more selective and attentive to exposure and composition. Also, using film again has slowed my pace. I am really enjoying this new pace and will use this in an effort to regroup and find my way to the next phase.

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I wish you all LOVE and PEACE!!!


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