Vintage Artifacts 1

So I work in this building that is over 100 years old. My boss’s grandfather built it and there has been some type of family business here all these years. The fact that my boss is a pack rat, and so it seems were his parents and grandparents, makes this a gold mine for photographing vintage artifacts. Between laundering towels and sheets, sweeping floors, re-stocking retail shelves and sorted other odd jobs between clients I slip in some time to let the creative flow.  I find these artifacts interesting for many reasons. The shapes, graphics and colors are eye catching but the intended use is sometimes questionable. I title this post Vintage Artifacts 1 in hopes to follow up with a collection of all sorts of oddities.

BLUDZONE copy.jpgDurhamsRockHard copy.jpgKentuckyTavern copy.jpgOldMrBOSTON.jpg

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