What is a Photo Documemory™ ?

“Photographs and memories, all the love you gave to me. Somehow it just can’t be true, that’s all I’ve left of you.” ~ Jim Croce


The concept of the photo documemory™ is simple.  Life is change. Our parents and grandparents are getting older. Eventually they will expire or will no longer be able to live in our family homes or run our family businesses and we will be forced to let them go. That’s a big change. Accepting these changes is not easy and letting go is difficult.

What can we do about this?…… Well, we can forget about these places, remember them through our own vague memories or we can let photographs help us illustrate the stories of our family’s lives and provide us with a doorway to our past.

Why not preserve these precious places in the photographic form so that we may remember them when the need arises?…… Let me create a custom photo documemory™ of your very own. You and I will work together to preserve your family’s history through your memories and my photographs, your photo documemory™ .  This can be delivered in book format which may be ordered in multiples so that everyone who wants a copy of their own can have one. It can be posted to a blog site permanently,  providing you with the ability to pass these stories on to your future generations.  And, archival prints of these memorable places are also available for you to enhance your home decor.


If you are interested in creating a photo documemory™ of your family home or business please contact me so we can get to work as soon as possible.

904 e clinton st and Jack’s Gym, were my inspiration for the photo documemory™.  Also please view The Lewis Farm Project gallery to see my latest photo documemory™ project.